Rotimi has thoroughly enjoyed his time at your nursery and I have been incredibly impressed with your nurturing, caring and professional approach to child care. Thank you so much for all you have done in making him feel comfortable, cared for and safe.

Taiwo George

Thanks a lot for all that Leeanne, he gets to do a lot of activities thats really nice. David is very lucky.

Marine Gilmore

Thanks for these comments which I really like because this will let us know more about our daughter’s progress and the activities that she is being involved in. I want to take the chance and thank you all again for the care and attention given to our daughter Jana, and wish to keep this kind of contact even more frequent in the future.

Hazar Mouad

Monkey Puzzle has been great for my children. Its amazing to see how much they love it and the staff are always friendly and have developed a bond with my children. I love to hear the stories of their day in the evening.

Chris Kitson

“The care and support the staff give my son is outstanding. He loves nursery and has moved through all the rooms.” Lynn Barbar

“I transferred to the nursery after a bad experience when visiting other nurseries. The staff have been so friendly, warm and reassuring that it has restored my trust and I can go back to work without worrying. I feel involved in my daughters daily care.” Rebecca Littlejohn

“Orlaith loves nursery, she has made great friends and she always has something fun and exciting to share with me.” Lisa O’Brien

“The staff are like my family. They help to ensure my daughter is included in every way and looked after so well. She has grown so much and is happy at the service.” Amina Boudguel

“The service has such a great focus on healthy eating, the menus and snacks are well balanced and I know my child’s needs are catered for daily. It has been fantastic to be consulted on the menu changes and also see the recipes which the cook uses in the nursery.” Mellissa O’Brien